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TPA, in association with Mid Atlantic Fundraising, has has an annual mega-fundraiser every fall.  The money from this fundraiser helps TPA with technology needs and our annual Family Fun Day.

There are items of interest to almost everybody, such as  jewelry, household products, candy, magazines, flowers, and much much more.

The good news is that friends and family can make purchases directly from our K-8 students AND online at www.midatlanticfundraising.com. Each student sets up an individual account through special codes assigned through the school.  Friends,  family, and concerned community members can access through this directly for purchasing any non-frozen item. You can even support multiple students through the Mid-Atlantic site!

Students who sell 10 or more items will attend our Mega party. Students who sell 35 or more items will attend the Mega party and take a ride in a super stretch hummer limo and a free lunch.

 Any questions about the fundraiser should be forwarded to Ms. Scales @ 301-552-0164 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..