FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Our FAQs contain an assembled set of questions and corresponding answers addressing topics of common interest to the Turning Point community.If you have questions that should be added please feel free to use our contact us page and form to submit them.

Busing & Transportation FAQs

Does TPA provide busing or transportation?

TPA does have a bus, but the space is limited. During enrollment, students receive a packet with an application for a seat on the bus. Since seating is limited no seat is guaranteed. Because, students enrolled in Charter Schools do not qualify for busing through the Prince George's Public School System, the parents are ultimately responsible for transportation.

Where can I find School Bus/Bus Schedules?

This can be found out once the application is filled and accepted. For more information contact the office at (301)552-0164.

For parents who drive, is there information on school traffic flow patterns?

Yes, there is a document, Traffic Flow Patterns, which can be downloaded from the TPA documents library.



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